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Vulnerability Scanning

With new network and application vulnerabilities emerging on a daily basis, identifying, quantifying, and prioritizing security vulnerabilities is a race against time. Scanning is a mundane but foundational task in any risk-based vulnerability management (RBVM) program, and today’s security teams are evaluating their investments not only in solutions but where they focus their critical time and attention.

Vulnerability Scanning Service

The RiskSense Vulnerability Scanning service is a cost-effective path to achieving consistent, best-in-class scanning at a fraction of your existing costs, allowing you to focus on RBVM to drive action against what’s most important and will improve your security posture. Featuring fully-managed vulnerability assessments at customer-specified intervals (typically monthly or quarterly) to swiftly and accurately identify vulnerabilities on your network, with scan data delivered into the RiskSense platform for immediate processing.

The RiskSense RBVM Advantage

With scanning and ingestion taken care of, assessment findings are contextualized and threat analysis is provided, including visualization of the active trending exploits resulting in prescriptive risk-based prioritization for the identified vulnerabilities. In short, your team can now focus strategically on what to do next, rather than be needlessly occupied with endless tactical scanning activities and the overhead of continual threat analysis. You achieve a better, more consistent result for less investment, while freeing valuable personnel for more pressing projects.

Our Methodology


Ransomware Assessment Program

The RiskSense Ransomware Assessment Program is an evaluation of ransomware susceptibility. Experts perform authenticated scanning as well as automated and manual security pen-testing. Customers log in and see immediate results via the RiskSense enhanced risk-based vulnerability management (RBVM) solution. We assess and show organizations the prioritized and preemptive actions to block ransomware. Access continuous cyber risk management insights through RiskSense RBVM. Attack surface assessment from scanning and security testing yields detailed asset findings. And, only RiskSense RBVM features a ransomware dashboard, allowing organizations, from executives to IT staff, to track ransomware risk. View current remediation activities and immediately know of any new exposure points within seconds.