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Solution Briefs

SolutionBrief - RiskSense Vulnerability Scanning Service Cover

RiskSense Vulnerability Scanning Service

The RiskSense Vulnerability Scanning service ensures consistent vulnerability findings and review across your organization’s attack surface. From network to applications, the mundane administration and management of scanning tools is no longer needed. RiskSense security experts provide the coverage and detection allowing your team to focus on taking action against the resulting remediation priorities.


RiskSense Third-Party Integrations

We partner with industry-leading technology vendors across security and IT operations to help customers preserve their existing investments in best-of-breed tools while breaking down the silos that typically prevent aggregating data swiftly and analyzing it to increase situational awareness across a growing attack surface.

TechBrief - RiskSense FS-RBVM Platform cover

RiskSense FS-RBVM Platform

Explore how our award-winning Software-as-a-Service FS-RBVM platform empowers you to reveal risk, quickly orchestrate remediation, and monitor the results.

TechBrief - RiskSense SRS Cover

RiskSense Security Rating Service (SRS)

In order to keep tabs on how attackers see your organization and assess your attack surface, RiskSense SRS examines an organization from an external viewpoint at a variety of data points and provides context for how well an organization is addressing cybersecurity risk.

RiskSense Ransomware Assessment Program thumbnail

RiskSense Ransomware Assessment Program

The RiskSense Ransomware Assessment program is an evaluation of ransomware susceptibility. Experts perform authenticated scanning as well as automated and manual security pen-testing. Customers log in and see immediate results via the RiskSense enhanced risk-based vulnerability management (RBVM) solution. We assess and show organizations the prioritized and preemptive actions to block ransomware.


Meeting PCI DSS 3.2 Compliance with RiskSense Solutions

The Payment Card Industry (PCI) Council continues to make changes to ensure that their standards are up to date with emerging threats and changes in the market. However, as the PCI Data Security Standard (DSS) requirements continue to be clarified to help merchants and service providers, publicly known breaches continue to occur. This brief will cover how you can meet PCI compliance with the RiskSense Solution.


RiskSense Attack Surface Validation for IoT Systems

The RiskSense Attack Surface Validation for Internet of Things (IoT) Systems provides discovery of exposure for organizations delivering and incorporating IoT into their business operations. Going beyond the penetration testing IoT devices themselves, RiskSense thoroughly reviews the development, code, environments, and processes used from end-to-end. Our security experts have the deepest knowledge and experience with IoT systems.


Election Systems – Votes Must Count

Our nation’s voting systems are vulnerable to cyberattack. Even though most states have moved away from voting equipment that does not produce a paper trail, there is still real risk. When experts talk about “voting systems,” that phrase encompasses the entire process of voting: how citizens register, how they find their polling places, how they check in, how they cast their ballots and, ultimately, how they find out who won. One of the biggest problems is that each county has its own way of managing the process, and security oversight, and are ill-prepared or under-staffed to execute ‘what-if’ attack scenarios.


RiskSense Attack Surface Validation for Networks

RiskSense Attack Surface Validation for Networks helps identify, prioritize threats, and provides our clients with immediate results allowing them to secure their business and assets. Networks pose the largest expanding attack surface as organizations grow and adopt new digital business and customer to partner engagement strategies. Vulnerability density is high and it’s important to understand where the true exposure points lie.


RiskSense Attack Surface Validation for Web Applications

The RiskSense Attack Surface Validation for Web Applications provides a comprehensive and valuable security posture assessment that keeps pace with your business needs. RiskSense delivers fast insights, prioritizing actions with clear paths for remediation.


Internet of Medical Things (IoMT)

Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) is here and the risks are real. Find out how your medical devices could be compromised and how RiskSense’s solution can assist you in uncovering and diagnosing your cyber risks.


Continuous Application Security Testing and Risk-Based Remediation Prioritization with RiskSense and WhiteHat Security

RiskSense has partnered with WhiteHat Security to continuously ingest newly discovered vulnerability findings through API-based integration, correlate them with external threat data, and prioritize their remediation based on the risk and business impact they pose to target organizations. RiskSense provides a seamless workflow to quickly guide remediation efforts and continuously monitor the results based on a closed-loop monitoring process.