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Ransomware 2021

Through the Lens of
Threat & Vulnerability Management

The Escalating Problem of Ransomware

For organizations, this report brings to light the trends we’ve observed and provides the technical perspective of how ransomware is evolving and where an organization may have heightened ransomware risk exposure.

Learn how to #FightRansomware with actionable data. Learn why vulnerabilities tied to ransomware are being missed by vulnerability management programs and what you can do to take control of your ransomware exposure.


There is an Exponential
Increase in Ransomware…

Ransomware threats have exponentially increased. Our research uncovered 223 vulnerabilities tied to these threats; it has nearly quadrupled since our last report.

…with Growing Risk and Exposure from

Unpatched Vulnerabilities.

Those behind ransomware are leveraging more exploit kits and more vulnerabilities within their growing count of ransomware strains. Ransomware families are growing in count and are strengthening their weaponization capabilities.

Leaving Organizations Wondering
how to #FightRansomware

It is unrealistic to assume you can keep up with all of the recommended patching. This risk-based view of ransomware exposure looks across multiple threat sources and experts who have identified vulnerabilities tied to ransomware that have active trending exploits in-the-wild. Prioritizing on these vulnerabilities gives organizations a strong position to block ransomware attacks.



Most Surprising Insight from Ransomware Report 2021

Part 1

Trends that are spotlighted in Ransomware Report 2021

Part 2

Recommendations to proactively neutralize ransomware threats

Part 3

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 Over 30 Pages of findings.

Detailed listing of the top CVEs tied to Ransomware.

How APT groups are leveraging ransomware as an easy way to
     infiltrate organizations.


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