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Ransomware Assessment Service

Ransomware disruption has hit every industry. Attackers are escalating their efforts. From demanding a ransom to unlock critical data and systems to full data exfiltration and public disclosure threats, business continuity is at risk. Patching the vulnerabilities used by ransomware families and malware variants as gateways for their attacks is a proactive measure to reduce exposure. Finding these vulnerabilities and asset susceptibility is now available as a service that provides prescriptive recommendations to prevent ransomware.

Ransomware Assessment Program

The RiskSense Ransomware Assessment Program is an evaluation of ransomware susceptibility. Experts perform authenticated scanning as well as automated and manual security pen-testing. Customers log in and see immediate results via the RiskSense enhanced risk-based vulnerability management (RBVM) solution. We assess and show organizations the prioritized and preemptive actions to block ransomware. Access continuous cyber risk management insights through RiskSense RBVM. Attack surface assessment from scanning and security testing yields detailed asset findings. And, only RiskSense RBVM features a ransomware dashboard, allowing organizations, from executives to IT staff, to track ransomware risk. View current remediation activities and immediately know of any new exposure points within seconds.

Our Methodology

Ransomware Assessment Methodology