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How it Works

The RiskSense platform transforms cyber risk management into a proactive, collaborative, and real-time discipline. With RiskSense you’re finally able to take full advantage of the data you’re collecting with your existing security and IT tools and pinpoint to those cyber risks that have the biggest impact on your organization. With RiskSense you’re finally able to minimize cyber risks, while increasing your situational awareness, i.e., “Senses”.

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Aggregate and Normalize Security Intelligence

RiskSense consumes and correlates data from tools such as Vulnerability Scanners, Application and Event Monitoring Systems, Database Security and Data Leakage Systems, Configuration Management Systems, Patch Management System, and many more.

It normalizes the data and minimizes false-positives by conducting differential analysis across the different sources and unifying the data to avoid duplicates and enrich the findings.

At the same time RiskSense’s correlation engine aggregates data across different data types and maps assessment data to compliance requirements.

All of this fully automates the otherwise tedious and distracting tasks for your security operations team.

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step 2

Contextualize with External Threat Data

Your internal security intelligence is then contextualized with external threat data from the RiskSense Cybersecurity Research Center, which is continuously monitoring the cyber space for emerging threats.

It unifies this data with threat intelligence feeds from other industry sources to provide the most accurate threat assessment available in the industry.

By doing so, it not only provides you with valuable threat attribution, but also lets you focus on those security gaps that are being exploited by cyber adversaries right now.

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step 3

Continuously Prioritize Based on Risk

RiskSense uses an advanced analysis engine as well as human-interactive machine learning technology to derive the RiskSense Security Score (RS3) that continuously measures, monitors, and tracks your organization’s overall exposure to risk and generates a score and visual representation of cyber risk posture at the asset, group, and organizational level.

The score accounts for your internal security findings, external threats, and business criticality. It enables security and IT teams to quickly answer questions from regulators, insurers, auditors, boards, and the C-suite.

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step 4

Visualize Correlated Data

The RiskSense platform provides you with interactive drill-down and visualizations of correlated data as well as visualization of application attack path analysis so your security operations team can see how to break the kill chain.

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step 5

Time-Based Analysis

The RiskSense platform applies a time-based approach to cyber risk, which is essential for your organization to keep track of your success metrics, align your investments and resources efficiently, and more importantly leverage predictive analytics to minimize cyber risk.

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step 6

Orchestrate and Collaborate

RiskSense’s built-in workflow engine and ticketing system allows for seamless collaboration between your security and IT operations team, streamlining the remediation processes and shortening time-to-remediation dramatically. If you already have ticketing systems in place, we offer bi-directional integrations with leading ticketing systems vendors like BMC and ServiceNow to provide proper transparency between security and IT operations.

To increase your remediation team’s effectiveness, the RiskSense platform also provides playbooks that include step-by-step instructions on how to tackle the most critical vulnerabilities.

RiskSense applies a closed-loop remediation process, which assures that a ticket is only closed once the effectiveness of a patch has been re-validated by your security tools. Unfortunately, many organizations close out tickets as soon as they apply a patch without testing to see if it was actually effective, leaving them vulnerable to a big blind spot when patches fail.