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New Capabilities Address Growing Need for Security-as-a-Service that Aligns Vulnerability Management with Biggest Threats

Sunnyvale, Calif. & Albuquerque, N.M. – January 25, 2017 – RiskSense® Inc., the pioneer and market leader in pro-active cyber risk management, today announced RiskSense Platform 7.0. The new release includes a Multi-Client Dashboard that enables Managed Security Service Providers (MSSP) to deliver risk management offerings that align a client’s vulnerability management priorities to focus on the most serious threats posed to their business operations.

RiskSense will demonstrate the new RiskSense Platform 7.0 and its Multi-Client Dashboard at RSA Conference 2017 in San Francisco, booth S2816 from February 13 – 16, 2017.

Managed security services have experienced a major spike in demand over the last year and are outgrowing many traditional security technology segments (e.g., vulnerability assessment, threat management, SIEM). The primary driver behind this trend is the scarcity of cyber security operations experts. As the threat landscape continues to evolve, MSSPs need to augment their existing services portfolio to address their customers’ growing attack surface. This includes the need to contextualize internal security findings with external threat data to reveal true risk exposure.

In this context, RiskSense is empowering MSSPs to change the way they detect and manage cyber risk for their clients. The RiskSense Platform enables organizations to pro-actively discover and address cyber security gaps based on the risk they pose to business operations. It extracts actionable intelligence from the massive volume of data generated by a patchwork of cyber security products, including vulnerability scanners, threat intelligence feeds, and other complex security systems. This allows enterprises and governments to quickly understand their particular cyber risk exposure across a growing attack surface, quickly orchestrate remediation, and monitor the results.

“It is critical for a security analyst to predict where to spend their time or take the next best action – they need the right data at the right time. RiskSense helps make sense of the growing pile of data in security and extracts persistent risk patterns and black swan events across the MSSP’s customer base,” said Dr. Srinivas Mukkamala, co-founder and CEO of RiskSense.

RiskSense Platform 7.0’s Multi-Client Dashboard enables an MSSP to view overall metrics across multiple clients for benchmarking, agile orchestration of remediation actions, and better resources allocation. It can also be used by global enterprises or State governments to gain visibility into their business units’ or agencies’ cyber risk exposure.

The RiskSense Multi-Client Dashboard encompasses the following metrics:

  • Risk Distribution by Clients (bubble chart with interactive drill-down)
  • Client Detail View
  • Overall RiskSense Security Score (RS3)
    • RiskSense Security Score by business or logical units
    • Number of hosts
    • Number of high, medium, and low unique open vulnerabilities for network assets
    • Number of unique exploits and malware on open vulnerabilities
    • Number of Web applications
    • Total number of URLs across all Web applications
    • Number of unique high, medium, and low vulnerabilities for Web applications
  • Extract Patterns and Provide Insights into Top Risks
    • High risk clients
    • Persistent risk patterns
    • Top 5 vulnerable hosts
    • Top 5 vulnerabilities
    • Top 5 malware
    • Top 5 exploits
    • Top 5 vulnerable Web applications

“RiskSense offers MSSPs and their customers unique value, both as a force-multiplier for increasingly scarce cyber security operations talent, as well as providing cyber risk management visibility and best practices for the C-Suite,” said Torsten George, vice president of global marketing and products at RiskSense. “By providing a risk-based approach to security, MSSPs can be more strategic in terms of the buying centers and influencers they target, in order to grow and create new revenue streams.”

RiskSense Platform 7.0 and its Multi-Client Dashboard is available immediately from RiskSense and its business partners worldwide.

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RiskSense®, Inc. provides vulnerability management and remediation prioritization to measure and control cybersecurity risk. The cloud-based RiskSense platform delivers Risk-Based Vulnerability Management, Application Security Orchestration and Correlation, in addition to our Vulnerability Knowledge Base.These products bring insight to the wide views of vulnerability risk with adversarial threat-context and ties to ransomware. With Vulnerability Risk Rating, threat analytics, and automated playbooks prioritize actions for critical security weaknesses dramatically improving security and IT efficiency and effectiveness of managing attack surface risk.

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