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Military Observe, Orient, Decide, and Act Approach Enables Organizations to Operationalize Cyber Risk Management

Sunnyvale, Calif. & Albuquerque, N.M. – February 25, 2016 – RiskSense®, Inc., the pioneer and market leader in pro-active cyber risk management, today announced that it will showcase its latest RiskSense Platform release at booth N4340 at RSA Conference 2016, February 29th through March 4thin San Francisco, California. Using live product demonstrations, RiskSense will illustrate how the military concept of the OODA (Observe, Orient, Decide, Act) Loop can be applied in day-to-day cyber risk management operations to identify, visualize, prioritize, and orchestrate the remediation of cyber risks across the entire computing stack in near real time.

To respond to mounting cyber-attacks, advanced persistent threats, and insider leaks, enterprises and government entities need reliable, real time visibility into their IT security posture. However, most traditional security tools are silo-based and require legions of staff to comb through the huge amount of data to connect the dots and find the needle in the haystack. These efforts can take months, during which time attackers can exploit vulnerabilities and extract data. Breaking down silos and automating security operations tasks is therefore essential for implementing a new enterprise security model.

The demos will showcase how the RiskSense Platform can be used to operationalize a new, pro-active model to cyber risk management based on the four step OODA Loop concept:

  • Observe
    Through automated aggregation of data across different data types; mapping of assessment data to compliance requirements; and normalization for ruling out false-positives, duplicates, and to enrich data attributes.
  • Orient
    By placing internal security intelligence, external threat data, and business criticality into context to derive a holistic view of risk posture across the entire IT stack.
  • Decide
    By applying advanced risk scoring and machine-learning technology to assign different levels of risk to assets, applications, and business processes as well as enabling interactive drill-down and visualizations of correlated data and visualization of application attack path analysis.
  • Act
    Using built-in workflow, ticketing, and remediation capabilities, with detailed remediation steps for each vulnerability, to automate real-time risk management.

The RiskSense Platform embodies the expertise and deep knowledge RiskSense has gained from defending critical networks against the world’s most dangerous cyber adversaries. As former advisors to the U.S. Department of Defense and U.S. Intelligence Community, RiskSense founders developed Computational Analysis of Cyber Terrorism against the U.S. (CACTUS), Support Vectors Intrusion Detection, Behavior Risk Analysis of Vicious Executables (BRAVE), and the Strike Team Program.

Ultimately, RiskSense empowers enterprises and governments to apply proper cyber hygiene, strengthen their cyber security posture, lower remediation costs, dramatically shorten time-to-remediation, and overall reduce the risk of the impact of cyber-attacks on their organization.

To learn more about how to unify traditional Web, application, and network perimeter defense systems to shorten time-to-remediation and minimize the risk of cyber-attacks, please visit RiskSense’s booth N4340 at RSA Conference 2016. Use discount code X5ERISKSEN when registering and you will get free access to the exhibit hall.

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RiskSense®, Inc. provides vulnerability management and remediation prioritization to measure and control cybersecurity risk. The cloud-based RiskSense platform delivers Risk-Based Vulnerability Management, Application Security Orchestration and Correlation, in addition to our Vulnerability Knowledge Base.These products bring insight to the wide views of vulnerability risk with adversarial threat-context and ties to ransomware. With Vulnerability Risk Rating, threat analytics, and automated playbooks prioritize actions for critical security weaknesses dramatically improving security and IT efficiency and effectiveness of managing attack surface risk.

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