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Public Sector Tech Experts Urge Third-Party Penetration Testing

ORLANDO, Fla. – Sep. 01, 2020 – With the number of cybersecurity attacks and threats against governments continuously on the rise, the quickly approaching 2020 General Election has focused attention on vulnerabilities in the U.S. election infrastructure. Federal authorities are warning of foreign adversaries scanning systems for weaknesses as well as the potential for ransomware attacks to paralyze voting operations. In response, Civix, a leading public sector software and services firm, has partnered with RiskSense®, Inc. to provide independent penetration testing to states.

“Election systems across our country are targets, and with the threats constantly evolving, states must take proactive steps to head them off,” said Mike Wons, the president of Civix Government, which provides election management technology to nearly half of the U.S. states. “We want to make independent penetration testing available to as many states as possible, even those not using Civix technology. The stakes are high, and we are committed to helping ensure successful elections.”

The cloud-based platform uses risk-based scoring, analytics, and technology-accelerated penetration testing to identify critical security weaknesses and provide the fastest path to understanding and remediating threats. The solution looks at end-to-end security, from the validation of voter authenticity to the recording of voting data, and the validation of security controls to thwart environment tampering or compromise.

RiskSense has worked with Civix, formerly PCC, to provide independent, third-party assessments of several Civix elections applications. Now, the companies are partnered to offer any combination of services and tools to states.

“As an objective third-party independent from the Civix development process, RiskSense application penetration testing and analysis helped ensure best practices were followed as early as possible in the development lifecycle and validated the security posture of deployed election applications,” said Srinivas Mukkamala, CEO of RiskSense. “We are able to do the same for any existing system as well as those in development ahead of the elections and beyond.”

In addition to election management systems, RiskSense’s penetration testing can be used to identify critical security weaknesses in virtually any government technology system, from business services to vehicle registration.

Recognized as one of the top government software and service providers in the U.S., Civix is on a mission to transform the public sector. With a more than 40-year record of success, our team of approximately 400 employees provides industry expertise, technology, and proven processes to transportation, government, and grants clients. Civix is the operating name, newly adopted in July 2020, of GCR Inc. and its subsidiaries PCC Technology Inc. and MB3.

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