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Penetration Testing Service

To strengthen an organization’s cyber risk posture, it is essential to not only test for vulnerabilities, but also assess whether vulnerabilities are actually exploitable and what risks they represent. To increase an organization’s resilience against cyber-attacks, it is essential to use pen testing to validate your attack surface and its susceptibility to attacks.

Reducing Risk with Managed Attack Surface Validation

RiskSense Penetration Testing provides a fully-managed assessment of the vulnerabilities that are most likely to be used by your cyber adversaries to carry out infiltration and utilize post-exploitation techniques to launch a successful lateral attack across your organization. This service ultimately provides the visibility, prioritization, and actionable remediation recommendations needed to shrink your attack surface and reduce your overall cyber risk exposure.

Winning Formula: The RiskSense Platform and Expert Combo

The RiskSense Penetration Test service is delivered via the company’s award-winning RiskSense platform, which contextualizes scan data with external threat information and is supplemented with human-interactive machine learning analysis. This leads to a more accurate prioritization of risk impacts. In addition, since the RiskSense platform provides synchronous access to findings in near real-time, it can be used to quickly orchestrate remediation actions and monitor the results.

Combined with a deep bench of security researchers and exploit writers that are among the best in the industry, you’re getting more than your typical penetration testing. All members of the team have years of experience in defending critical networks against the world’s most dangerous cyber adversaries. Many of them regularly speak at industry conferences and frequently release cutting-edge security research.


Identify and exploit vulnerabilities of systems, services, and endpoints exposed to the internet.


Simulate an attacker that has gained access to systems, services, or endpoints.

Web Application

Assess web applications for exploitability.