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Alburquerque Business First

See where NM ranks for cyberattack risk


According to a report by the Ponemon Institute, an organization that conducts independent research on data protection and privacy, the Land of Enchantment has the nation’s fourth-highest risk for cybersecurity attacks.

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How Does Arizona Government Address Information Security?


Mike Lettman, the state chief information security officer (CISO) in Arizona, has a wealth of cybersecurity experience across multiple states. In this exclusive interview, Mike discusses what’s hot in his state government cyberefforts and points to what’s next to keep constituent data safe.

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On the Path to Making IoT ‘Secure by Design’

May 15, 2018 | IoT Innovator, Dylan Davis and Sean Dillion

Internet of Things (IoT) and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) devices can provide great value by handling tasks with precision, consistency, and accountability that can never be achieved by human labor. Unfortunately, these devices can also create huge risk; they are often susceptible to numerous categories of security vulnerabilities and consequently attacked by hackers.

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A Cybersecurity Credit Score

MAY 14, 2018 | GNC, Matt Leonard

Arizona did not have much visibility into its cybersecurity vulnerabilities when Mike Lettman arrived six years ago. Since then, the state’s chief information security officer has been able to evaluate the security posture for individual assets, network and applications, across agencies and the state’s network as a whole, Lettman said.

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ISTP Magazine

Their Story Chats At RSA Conference 2018


ITSP magazine’s John Dasher chats with Sage Wagner from RiskSense during RSA Conference 2018 in San Francisco to discuss how to help organizations understand their attack surfaces and quantify their risks, allowing for rational prosecution of vulnerabilities and threats, as well as determining the effectiveness and prioritization of security investments.

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RiskSense Platform Demonstration

May 2, 2018 | Light Reading

Sage Wagner, senior security pre-sales engineer at RiskSense, provides a demo of the company’s latest technology, ‘RiskSense Solution’, a vulnerability management and cyber risk platform, which helps companies manage their cyber risks through their vulnerabilities.

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Cyber Pirates: The Latest Threat to Ocean Shipping

April 30, 2018 | Supply Chain Dive, Barry Hochfelder

High tech has reached the high seas, and there are no safe harbors. That point was made very clear in a recent webinar hosted by the National/International Maritime Law Enforcement Academy and presented by RiskSense, a New Mexico-based cybersecurity practitioner.

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Product Review: RiskSense Cyber Risk Management

April 11, 2018 | Cybersecurity Insiders

Making sense of increasing amounts of complex data is a challenge in many industries. Cybersecurity professionals must manage data generated by the countless systems in your network. Feeds from disconnected, siloed tools must be normalized and analyzed so SOC teams can appropriately prioritize remediation efforts. And that’s where RiskSense comes in.

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SDX Central

Should Bug Bounty Programs Pay Hackers Millions to Find Bugs?

March 23, 2018 | SDxCentral, Jessica Lyons Hardcastle

Netflix this week said it’s taking its bug bounty payouts public with Bugcrowd. It joined the likes of Cisco Meraki, Fitbit, and Square, which also recently started using the crowdsourced security program to pay, ahem, “researchers” (read: hackers) to find and report security vulnerabilities in its products.

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ISTP Magazine

Staying Current On The Changing Threat Landscape: The Role Of The National Vulnerability Database (NVD)

March 4, 2018 | Anand Paturi, ITSP Magazine

Managing cyber threats has never been more challenging. Breaches, hacks and malware are daily problems for organizations. Not only are threats growing in frequency and severity, they are becoming more sophisticated, making it extremely difficult for organizations to identify and stop them, and to determine which ones need to be prioritized for remediation.

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Security Current

Profile on Srinivas Mukkamala, RiskSense CEO

January 2, 2018 | Security Current

Srinivas Mukkamala grew up in India, where he attained his undergraduate degree in Computer Sciences and Engineering. His focus of study was artificial intelligence (AI). He began his career working as an intern for the Indian Space Research Organisation, the space agency of the Government of India, working on artificial neural networks for space trajectory.

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Venture Beat

5 Characteristics of AI Technologies Worth Investing In

November 1, 2017 | Venture Beat, Ken Elefant

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are timely subjects that spark the public imagination. In 2016, between $26 billion and $39 billion was invested in AI, according to recent estimates from the McKinsey Global Institute, a leading private-sector think tank. That number is three times the amount spent just three years prior, an increase driven by entrepreneurial activity and technological advancements.

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IT World Canada

Bad Rabbit Ransomware Site Up Only For Six Hours

October 25, 2017 | IT World Canada, Howard Solomon

CISOs are holding their breath and hoping that the latest ransomware strain being detected in Eastern Europe and Russia isn’t the beginning of a widespread campaign. The strain, dubbed Bad Rabbit, masquerades as an Adobe Flash update.

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