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In-the-wild threat and ransomware information from our exploit researchers feeding the RiskSense platform instantly reveals exposed assets across the attack surface. Visualize your ransomware exposure and track remediation activities.  

Is Your Organization At Risk From Ransomware?

Vulnerability management is a critical control against ransomware. Yet, there is no universal database that maps threats to vulnerabilities. RiskSense provides the human-assisted intelligence needed to take on vulnerabilities that become the gateway to ransomware attacks. 


Threat Modeling

Identifies vulnerabilities and at-risk assets before ransomware can disrupt your business

Cyber Priorities

Know the prescriptive actions that takedown exposure points used by ransomware families and variants 

Focused Research

Continuous research that maps ransomware families to the vulnerabilities that they leverage 

What’s Needed to Uncover Ransomware Exposure

Start with Total Number of Scanned Vulnerabilities 


Weaponized with Ransomware Exploit


Dangerous (RCE/PE Capable) 




Prioritized Vulnerabilities with High Ransomware Risk

Sample customer data and the steps that uncover Ransomware exposure and the CVEs that need immediate remediation. 

  • Weaponized and Mapped to Ransomware – Vulnerabilities where an exploit is available, or there is a high likelihood of exploitability.
  • Dangerous – Vulnerabilities that have remote code execution (RCE) or privilege escalation (PE) that increases attacker opportunity for disruption.
  • Trending-Impact – Vulnerabilities that are actively being used in the wild, information based on RiskSense research and correlation with 3rd party threat intelligence.

Learn More About Our Ransomware Research

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RiskSense Ransomware Dashboard

The Ransomware dashboard provides an overview of your exposure to ransomware associated vulnerabilities (CVEs). It provides essential information on ransomware families, assets impacted, and detailed findings. Move to action in seconds with all the information necessary to block ransomware before it can cripple your organization.

CVEs by Ransomware Family

Ransomware threats are often referred to in the news and security alerts by their family name, like WannaCry and SamSam. The Ransomware Dashboard enables executives and board members without a security background to easily understand the risk potential. IT and Security can drill-down and address the exposure assisted by automated workflows to kick-off remediation tickets for vulnerabilities associated with ransomware.

Impacted Assets 

The Ransomware Dashboard shows the top ransomware families and the top CVEs across your environment. Take action on the ransomware families that are impacting the most assets, set the priority to eliminate the most substantial risk footprint.

The RiskSense Ransomware Dashboard enables Security leaders to deal with ransomware. They can report on the practical remediation and risk mitigation steps currently in action. 

A Quick Start Assessment 

Want to speed up your ability to fight against ransomware? RiskSense provides a Ransomware Assessment Program. This comprehensive analysis and threat modeling find the vulnerabilities that put your organization at risk. Authenticated vulnerability scanning, network pen testing, deliver a quick way to take a proactive approach against ransomware. A bundled solution with full access to the RiskSense platform to track and report on their remediation efforts.

Learn More About Ransomware Exposure

Uncovering ransomware exposure is no trivial feat, and RiskSense provides solutions and research to help executives to analysts precisely know their next steps as they manage a constantly changing attack surface.

Watch This Webinar

Learn how to Fight Ransomware with proactive steps to block exposure. See the RisksSense Ransomware Dashboard in action.


Ransomware Ambush: Fighting Back 

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RiskSense®, Inc. provides vulnerability management and remediation prioritization to measure and control cybersecurity risk. The cloud-based RiskSense platform delivers Risk-Based Vulnerability Management, Application Security Orchestration and Correlation, in addition to our Vulnerability Knowledge Base.These products bring insight to the wide views of vulnerability risk with adversarial threat-context and ties to ransomware. With Vulnerability Risk Rating, threat analytics, and automated playbooks prioritize actions for critical security weaknesses dramatically improving security and IT efficiency and effectiveness of managing attack surface risk.

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