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Quantifying Cyber Risk in Retail

In retail, protecting customer data is more than a regulatory requirement: It is good business. Research shows that customers are willing to spend more money, and experience greater satisfaction, with retailers they believe do a good job of...

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Quantifying Data Risk in Health Care

Article written by: Joseph Weinberg (Board Member, TimiCoin/TimiHealth) and Sean Murphy (Vice President, Chief Information Security Officer, Premera Blue) The health-care industry has long been subject to rules about the protection of patients’...

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Quantifying Enterprise Technology Risk

Methods for Quantifying Technology Risk Article written by: Eric Vanderburg (Vice President, Cybersecurity, TCDI), Koushik Subramanian (CISO - UI Labs and Director Of Manufacturing Cybersecurity - DMDII, UI LABS), Vito Sardanopoli (Principal and...

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