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RDP Exposures

In the midst of the SARS-CoV-2 (aka COVID-19) pandemic, governments around the world are locking down non-essential businesses, and many industries are moving to remote access work in order to limit the exposure of their employees to the disease. However,...

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Coronavirus and Cybersecurity

As most of the U.S. enters its 3rd week of lockdown, everyone that is able to work from home has pretty much figured how their “new normal” works. IT teams have been working around the clock to provide the hardware, software, and systems to allow their...

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Hidden Gems in Windows: The Hunt is On

The process of dumping LSASS (Local Security Authority Subsystem Service) is not a new attack and is well known; however, this specific vector is interesting because all of the tools required to pull this off are already bundled with the Windows operating...

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