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It’s Time Your Healthcare IT System Had a Checkup!

by Aug 24, 2018

It’s Time Your Healthcare IT System Had a Checkup!

  • How do you determine the overall health of a patient? You run a series of blood and other diagnostic tests to look for anomalies.
  • How do you measure the risk of future diseases for a given patient? You assess familial patterns to determine the patient’s risk for cancer, heart disease, and other inheritable conditions.
  • How do you make sure your healthcare organization’s IT systems are secure and minimize the risk of an attack? You proactively test for all vulnerabilities and prescribe a regimen of treatment to keep your IT systems secure and in peak health.

As a healthcare security professional, your IT systems are your “patients.” All of your organization’s applications, services, and confidential data are essential for delivering good healthcare outcomes. However, these vital systems are increasingly under siege. From the many recent ransomware attacks across the US and UK, to the ongoing healthcare data breaches happening everywhere around the world, healthcare IT teams are now facing a “technology epidemic” larger than any in modern history.

Healthcare security professionals are as important to ensuring good patient care as all of the doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals that treat them every day. Instead of looking for human illnesses and vulnerabilities, IT professionals need to evaluate all of the security risks and “infectious diseases” facing their organization’s essential healthcare systems.

Just like a regular physicals for human beings, the RiskSense Attack Surface Validation Service can provide a baseline measure of the current health of your organization’s critical IT systems and security posture. To increase your resilience against cyber attacks, the RiskSense service validates all internal and external network and web technology attack surfaces and their susceptibility to attacks. These services utilizes a combination of human intel and AI-assisted penetration testing to validate your organization’s actual susceptibility and most likely attack scenarios, delivered in near real-time.

By starting with a baseline of penetration testing all of your networked infrastructure and applications, the RiskSense Service brings fast and compelling results to optimize the health of your IT systems. Put simply, you cannot ensure the health of your patients if you cannot guarantee the integrity of your IT systems. So, schedule your RiskSense “checkup” today!

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