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Top 10 Vulnerabilities Most Searched on Google in 2020

Looking at the top 10 vulnerability search results in Google for 2020 is one way to shed light on what was interesting across the globe. Since Google is ubiquitous this is a collective view of all searches. This includes those seeing information for taking...

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Ryuk is Raising the Temperature in Healthcare

Ransomware attacks on hospitals and health care companies are growing deadlier by the day. August 2020 saw the first recorded fatality in Germany when a ransomware attack on a hospital resulted in a patient's death because the facility had to shut-down and...

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CVE-2020-1472 Zerologon Exploit Now Available

Yesterday, (14 Sep 2020) RiskSense announced that we had written and released a weaponized exploit for CVE-2020-1472, also known as “Zerologon”. We do this of course, to help the security community. If you think about it, public exploits become useless over...

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Don’t Forget the Firmware

This past week Cisco discovered zero-day attacks being used in the wild against its Cisco IOS XR products. The last few months have shown a trend to keep network administrators busy outside of the new routine of work-from-home woes. Critical security...

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System Filters

A couple of years ago, RiskSense provided a saved quick filter for a customer who was curious about a particular set of CVEs. RiskSense quickly realized the value in single-click system filters as they help clients understand the high severity...

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Is Open Source Your Risk-Based Blind Spot?

Open source software has become an integral part of virtually every aspect of modern applications and application development. It’s currently estimated that open source code makes up between 80% and 90% of the code in modern applications. Likewise, open...

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RiskSense®, Inc. provides vulnerability management and remediation prioritization to measure and control cybersecurity risk. The cloud-based RiskSense platform delivers Risk-Based Vulnerability Management, Application Security Orchestration and Correlation, in addition to our Vulnerability Knowledge Base.These products bring insight to the wide views of vulnerability risk with adversarial threat-context and ties to ransomware. With Vulnerability Risk Rating, threat analytics, and automated playbooks prioritize actions for critical security weaknesses dramatically improving security and IT efficiency and effectiveness of managing attack surface risk.

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