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From Mayhem to Measurable

Take Control of Your Cyber Risk.
Risk-Based Vulnerability Management.

For Security
Vulnerability Control
Surface vulnerability impact and risk. Correlate and contextualize scan data across all asset classes (network, applications, database, and IoT) and attack surfaces. Integrate AI-assisted penetration test findings to realize a defensible security action plan.

For IT
Meaningful Prioritization
Prioritize remediation actions with measurable outcomes. Prescriptive remediation workflows span IT and Security infrastructure bring an efficient, shared understanding of vulnerability remediation assignment, status tracking, and validation proof.

For Executives
Navigate and Measure Cyber Risk
Insight into the cyber risk profiles of business units, systems, and networks. Reliable risk scoring metrics to validate efficacy in controlling the unique vulnerability and cyber threats of your organization.

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Meaningful Prioritization for IT
Act On What Matters Most to Your Organization.

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Make vulnerability remediation more effective.

  • See how remediation actions immediately reduce cyber risk using RiskSense Security Scoring for tangible proof
  • Direct resources with precision on what to accomplish utilizing remediation recommendations
  • Reduce overhead with workflow integrations with leading ticketing solutions and bi-directional data sharing
  • Collaborate with cross-functional stakeholders on complex remediation plans, acceptance, and validation

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Taming the security data tsunami
Learn how RiskSense harnesses the vulnerability data you have, adds context with threat intel, and incorporates business asset criticality as well as pen test findings to tame your security data tsunami.

White Paper
Selecting a TVM Solution
This EMA paper discusses ten key criteria for addressing the need for better threat and vulnerability management information to improve risk management.

Universe of Vulnerabilities
A massive list of your organization’s vulnerabilities isn’t actionable. RiskSense ingests your vulnerability scanner data, enriches it with threat data to prioritize what is most important to remediate first for maximum impact.

Navigate and Measure Cyber Risk for Executives
Measure in Minutes with Clarity.

Watch This 2 Minute Video

Create a cyber risk defense strategy with tactical details.

  • One shared source for cyber risk understanding with role-appropriate details for all groups to leverage  
  • Set goals for specific risk-based security profiles and why change in risk exposure occurs with security scoring
  • Understand and stay ahead of the cyber risk implications of your IoT and digital transformation initiatives
  • Redirect valuable security and IT staff effort toward high-value actions instead of data analysis and reporting
  • Fast track compliance efforts with near real-time pen test findings to ensure business vulnerability coverage

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Questions for Executives on Cyber Risk
AT&T’s first CISO, Ed Amoroso, offers cybersecurity-related questions that board members should ask management teams, and that management teams should ask operational groups.

Risk is a Board Game
Ed Amoroso’s extensive board experience is the foundation for a number of favorite questions that board members should be asking you about cybersecurity risk, and how you can go about providing answers that matter.

How the State of AZ Took a Proactive Stance to Optimize Cyber Risk Management
State of Arizona CIO and CISO along with RiskSense CEO Srinivas Mukkamala discuss implementing a proactive cyber risk management program using risk-based scoring for assessing threats and remediating those that matter most.