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Industry Leaders are Choosing RiskSense

RiskSense's game-changing approach to cyber security leverages intelligence-driven risk analytics to reveal cyber risk across a growing attack surface, quickly orchestrate remediation, and monitor the results.

Don't React to Attacks. Be Proactive!
See why enterprises and governments choose RiskSense to manage their cyber risks.

  • Covers a Growing Attack Surface
    The RiskSense Platform is not just focused on the network layer, meaning end points and servers as many vendors are doing, but rather covers a growing attack surface that also includes the application and database layer.
  • Intelligence-Driven Risk Analytics
    The RiskSense Platform uses a contextualization engine and human-interactive machine learning technology to drive risk-based analytics and prioritize remediation actions based on business criticality.
  • Built to Scale
    The RiskSense Platform is being used by both medium and large organizations and its architecture accounts for the tremendous volume and velocity of data that need to be analyzed. Proof of concepts have demonstrated RiskSense's modern technology was 20 to 30 times better in scalability and performance.
  • Time-to-Value
    We deploy the RiskSense platform with time-to-value in mind. Unfortunately, too often security tools require tremendous implementation times. In our case, you can be up and running within hours, not months, or years.
  • Closed-Loop Remediation
    At RiskSense, we believe it is essential to follow a closed-loop approach to remediation. Typically, IT teams close tickets as soon as a patch has been applied. However, without validating the effectiveness of the patch, you might create a blind spot. This has been the root cause of quite a significant number of data breaches. Thus, at RiskSense we only close a ticket once your internal security intelligence has validated the effectiveness of your remediation actions.

Prioritize Your Remediation Across a Growing Attack Surface

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