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RiskSense Web Application Security

Unfortunately, many organizations and even vendors are solely focusing on the network layer when it comes to defending against cyber-attacks. However, post-mortem analysis of data breaches has shown that approximately 84% of cyber-attacks today target the application layer and not network layer, requiring a more holistic approach to cyber security. In this context, it is crucial for organizations to conduct Web application security testing, also known as penetration testing.

As many organizations are not in a position to employ “white hackers” to test their own Web applications, RiskSense is offering the RiskSense Web Application Security Service, which augments your team with security professionals that have decades of experience defending and testing thousands of complex application environments across commercial, Federal, and state government environments. Our team is comprised of industry-leading cyber security experts, experienced application security engineers, and dedicated penetration testers who use their deep understanding of malware tactics, techniques, and the advanced threats to stop exploitation by hackers.

Under the RiskSense Web Application Security Service, we pressure test your Web and mobile applications for coding flaws and common exploits. We’ll provide attack paths, quantify the threat, and make recommendations to your development team. This is all delivered within the RiskSense Platform, allowing you to take advantage of its risk analytics capabilities.

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