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RiskSense Risk-Based Vulnerability Management

RiskSense RBVM is an adaptive risk-based vulnerability management solution, empowering enterprises and governments to take action against what matters the most – and within minutes.

RiskSense in action, see how our funnel filtering brings to view to your greatest risk exposure

Immediately Know Cyber Risk at all Levels

Like an easily-understood credit score, the RiskSense Security Score (RS3) reflects your current cyber risk exposure. Your organization’s comprehensive cyber risk score across all assets.

Integrations with leading vendors cover your entire attack surface – network, applications, database, IoT, and cloud. Robust vulnerability descriptions, granular risk status, and tracking of hosts put you in control.

Flexible and sophisticated filtering:

  • Active Trending vulnerabilities
  • Weaponized vulnerabilities
  • Days since last scan
  • Internet accessible
  • Business-specific tags
  • Exploit names

Learn About Security Scoring

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Prioritize Dangerous Vulnerabilities and Risk Findings

RiskSense uses data science across vulnerability data, threat intelligence, and exploit trending information to get to your highest risk exposure incorporating business criticality. Additionally, RiskSense penetration and services immediately share findings during the testing of your organization’s attack surface through the RiskSense platform.

  • Over 100 threat intelligence sources
  • Detailed tracking of vulnerability history, assignments, and acceptance authorization
  • Context-intelligent analytics shows weaponized vulnerabilities, strategic ones capable of damage, and trending ones with active exploits in the wild within your environment
  • Focus on ransomware and create configurable dashboards to view what’s important to you

Learn About Ransomware dashboard

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Take Control of Remediation Outcomes

The RiskSense platform makes collaboration between IT and Security easier and more transparent. Dashboards provide detailed patch information to align recommended activities with available resources. Before taking action, see which patches deliver the most impact and will be the most effective use of your Security and IT resources. Easily track how each remediation task improves the overall RS3 score for your organization.

  • Prescriptive remediation plans
  • Bi-directional data sharing with leading IT ticketing and workflow systems
  • One-click assignment of remediation tasks and ticket creation
  • Easily plan and know you are optimizing the efforts of IT and Security with risk-based vulnerability management

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