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No Safe Harbors - Charting a Smarter Course for the Maritime Industry with Cyber Risk Management
Last year saw an unprecedented, tectonic shift in our increasingly cyber-dependent world. Especially in the maritime domain. This is best illustrated in Royal Caribbean's plan to make a big bet on technology - and how they are "connecting" to their passengers with unique digital offerings. At the same time, we are seeing an increase in risks. How can cyber risk management help?
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Time to Change: Changing Digital Distribution Demands
Last year saw an unprecedented, tectonic shift in our increasingly cyber-dependent world. From the major hacks including Equifax to nation-state sponsored attacks, the risks associated with cyber threats have only escalated. The question now is, if the security in place last year did not stop the attacks, how will it stop them this year? Can organizations truly build a defensive shield big enough and strong enough to ensure protection? Is "Cyber Security" an achievable status and when can you concluded your lottery has reached it?
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Cyber Risk Management: A New Approach to Responding to Complex Threats
Over the last few years, cyber threats have emerged as one of the most significant business risks facing organizations. While companies spend huge sums of money every year to maintain a security perimeter designed to fend off cyber and insider threats, daily reports of new data breaches are raising doubts about the effectiveness of these investments. This white paper features research from Forrester, as it relates to the top security technology trends to watch in 2017.
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Operationalizing Cyber Risk: How to Ensure Security is Aligned with the Business
Organizations will spend $92 billion on perimeter defenses this year, yet we will continue to see a growing list of high profile organizations breached. Why are today’s strategies so ineffective against ever-evolving adversaries? And what can security leaders do to ensure that their defenses are in lockstep with what matters most to their core business? This ISMG interview transcript with Dr. Srinivas Mukkamala showcases his unique perspective on why and how security leaders must shift their thinking from a vulnerability-based security strategy to one that is risk-based and aligned with the business.
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Visualizing Cyber Risk: Defining Business Priorities for Remediation
This report examines the business drivers for a more holistic way of looking at cyber risk. There is an urgent need to be able to focus more clearly on root causes, susceptibilities, and actions that are relevant to critical business operations.
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The New Enterprise Security Model: How to Operationalize Cyber Risk Management in Today's Dynamic Threat Landscape
This white paper explores the emerging discipline of intelligence-driven cyber risk management as a response to the mounting cyber-attacks, advanced persistent threats, and insider leaks. It outlines not only today’s cyber security challenges, but provides practical advice of how to operationalize an organization’s cyber security practices across a growing attack surface.
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Prioritize Your Remediation Across a Growing Attack Surface

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