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Operationalizing Cyber Risk: How to Ensure Security is Aligned with the Business
Organizations will spend $92 billion on perimeter defenses this year, yet we will continue to see a growing list of high profile organizations breached. Why are today’s strategies so ineffective against ever-evolving adversaries? And what can security leaders do to ensure that their defenses are in lockstep with what matters most to their core business? This ISMG interview transcript with Dr. Srinivas Mukkamala showcases his unique perspective on why and how security leaders must shift their thinking from a vulnerability-based security strategy to one that is risk-based and aligned with the business.
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Visualizing Cyber Risk: Defining Business Priorities for Remediation
This report examines the business drivers for a more holistic way of looking at cyber risk. There is an urgent need to be able to focus more clearly on root causes, susceptibilities, and actions that are relevant to critical business operations.
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The New Enterprise Security Model: How to Operationalize Cyber Risk Management in Today's Dynamic Threat Landscape
This white paper explores the emerging discipline of intelligence-driven cyber risk management as a response to the mounting cyber-attacks, advanced persistent threats, and insider leaks. It outlines not only today’s cyber security challenges, but provides practical advice of how to operationalize an organization’s cyber security practices across a growing attack surface.
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Visualization Techniques for Efficient Malware Detection
Traditional tools for reverse engineering of binary and portable executable files are limited to heavy text-based output, thus requiring skilled analysts to use them. In this white paper, RiskSense cyber security experts share hands-on advice on techniques that will visualize portable executable files, which will help security analysts with basic skills to quickly understand their underlying structure.
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Mobile Malware Visual Analytics and Similarities of Attack Toolkits
In this technical white paper, RiskSense cyber security experts present similarity measures that can assist the anti-virus community to ensure a variant of a known malware can still be detected without the need of creating a signature; a similarity measure is calculated to produce a matrix of similarity scores that can be utilized to determine the likelihood that a piece of code or binary under inspection belongs to a particular malware family.
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Reveal Cyber Risk Across a Growing Attack Surface

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