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Tech Briefs

Internet of Medical Things (IoMT)
Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) is here and the risks are real. Find out how your medical devices could be compromised and how RiskSense's solution can assist you in uncovering and diagnosing your cyber risks.
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Continuous Application Security Testing and Risk Based Remediation Prioritization with RiskSense and WhiteHat Security
RiskSense has partnered with WhiteHat Security to continuously ingest newly discovered vulnerability findings through API-based integration, correlate them with the external threat data, and prioritize their remediation based on the risk and business impact they pose to target organizations. RiskSense provides a seamless workflow to quickly guide the remediation efforts and continuously monitor the results based on closed-loop monitoring process.
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Apache Struts Spotlight Report
In this spotlight report, we analyze Apache Struts-related vulnerability weaponization patterns spanning the last decade. We also provide insight into exploit patterns and explain how these patterns can define an organization's risk management strategy.
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EternalBlue: Exploit Analysis and Port to Microsoft Windows 10
On April 14, 2017, the Shadow Brokers Group released the FUZZBUNCH framework, an exploitation toolkit for Microsoft Windows. The framework included ETERNALBLUE, a remote kernel exploit originally targeting the Server Message Block (SMB) service on older versions of Microsoft Windows. RiskSense analyzes the root cause vulnerability and requirements needed to port the exploit to the modern Microsoft Windows 10. RiskSense identifies the essential parts of the exploit and removes the DOUBLEPULSAR dependency, defeating detection rules previously recommended by numerous governments and antivirus vendors. This analysis helps defenders better understand the exploit chain so that they can build generic defenses for the exploit rather than the payload.
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Visualization Techniques for Efficient Malware Detection
Traditional tools for reverse engineering of binary and portable executable files are limited to heavy text-based output, thus requiring skilled analysts to use them. In this white paper, RiskSense cyber security experts share hands-on advice on techniques that will visualize portable executable files, which will help security analysts with basic skills to quickly understand their underlying structure.
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Mobile Malware Visual Analytics and Similarities of Attack Toolkits
In this technical white paper, RiskSense cyber security experts present similarity measures that can assist the anti-virus community to ensure a variant of a known malware can still be detected without the need of creating a signature; a similarity measure is calculated to produce a matrix of similarity scores that can be utilized to determine the likelihood that a piece of code or binary under inspection belongs to a particular malware family.
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Prioritize Your Remediation Across a Growing Attack Surface

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