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Threat-Centric Vulnerability Remediation Prioritization
Gartner, Oliver Rochford
Sep 1, 2016

Threat-centric vulnerability remediation focuses on imminent threats first, based on vulnerabilities being targeted and exploited in the wild. Remediating these first will permit a gradual risk reduction approach for the remaining vulnerabilities.

It's Time to Align Your Vulnerability Management Priorities With the Biggest Threats
Gartner, Craig Lawson
Sep 1, 2016

Vulnerabilities and their exploitation are still the root cause of most breaches. IT security leaders should refocus their attention on how vulnerabilities are being managed and should track this metric to provide visibility as to how to reduce the biggest risks of being breached.

Visualizing Cyber Risk: Defining Business Priorities for Remediation
Blue Hill Research, Dr. Alea Fairchild, Entrepreneur-in-Residence
Aug 1, 2016

This report examines the business drivers for a more holistic way of looking at cyber risk. There is an urgent need to be able to focus more clearly on root causes, susceptibilities, and actions that are relevant to critical business operations.
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Innovation Tech Insight for Security Operations, Analytics and Reporting
Gartner, Oliver Rochford | Paul E. Proctor
Nov 1, 2015

Security operations, analysis and reporting technologies support workflow management and automation, analytics and reporting. This enables security operations teams to automate and prioritize security operational activities and report data to inform better business decision making.

The Five Characteristics of an Intelligence-Driven Security Operations Center
Gartner, Oliver Rochford | Neil MacDonald
Nov 1, 2015

Security operations centers must be architected for intelligence, embracing an adaptive security architecture to become context-aware and intelligence-driven. Security leaders should understand how intelligence-driven SOCs use tools, processes and strategies to protect against modern threats.

Intelligent and Automated Security Controls Impact the Future of the Security Market
Gartner, Lawrence Pingree
Oct 1, 2015

Product leaders need insights into the expansion of threat intelligence and adaptive security capabilities across the security market. These new emerging capabilities will be instrumental in defining the future of adaptive security and how incident response automation will evolve into the future.

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