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Data Integrations

Change the economics of security operations. The RiskSense Smart Connector Framework enables the automated ingestion of a variety of data sources via flat file, XML, Web service API, or dedicated connectors. Instead of hiring legions of staff to comb through the huge amount of data to connect the dots and find the needle in the haystack, the RiskSense Platform does all this for you.

Risksense Threat Mitigation

Automate, Aggregate, Enrich

The RiskSense Platform ingests data from a variety of security and IT tools as well as external threat data feeds. Ultimately, it preserves your existing technology investments and enhances their value by automating the data aggregation, correlation, and normalization process. The result is a contextualized, risk-based view of your organization’s cyber security posture, allowing your security and IT teams to move from detection to remediation in minutes, not months.

The RiskSense Platform ingests the following:

Internal Security Intelligence

The RiskSense Platform can consume and correlate data from tools such as Vulnerability Scanners, Application and Event Monitoring Systems, Database Security and Data Leakage Systems, Configuration Management Systems, Patch Management System, and many more.


External Threat Information

The RiskSense Platform delivers external threat data from the RiskSense Cyber Security Research Center, which is continuously monitoring the cyber space for emerging threats. It unifies this data with threat intelligence feeds from other industry sources to provide the most accurate threat assessment available in the industry.


Business Criticality

The RiskSense Platform ingests data that helps determine business criticality, such as asset classification and enterprise architecture.


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