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How Your Organization Benefits

Take control of your destiny and minimize your organization’s cyber risk exposure with the RiskSense Platform. Industry leaders worldwide have experienced the following benefits:

Increase Operational Efficiency

Instead of manually aggregating, normalizing, and connecting the dots, your team can now focus on orchestrating remediation of the cyber risks that have the biggest impact on your organization. Thus, you can turn your security analysts back to being cyber risk strategist rather than technicians

Shorten Time-to-Remediation

Revealing cyber risk and offering the means to trigger remediation actions based on the risk impact, allows you to close the collaboration gap between security and IT operations teams. Playbooks and vulnerability persistence analysis further streamline the remediation process and shorten the time to remediation.

Strengthen Security Programs

Continuously measuring, monitoring, and tracking your organization’s overall exposure to risk and generating a score and visual representation of cyber risk posture at both the organization and asset level, allows you to evaluate your security program’s efficacy and progress.

Improve Cyber Hygiene

Increased situational awareness enables your organization to meet stringent cyber hygiene expectations, easily minimizing the risk of shortcomings such as misconfigurations and default passwords as the root cause for data breaches.

Minimize Cyber Risk

Finding the needles in the cyber security haystack across a growing attack surface, enables you to ultimately minimize your cyber risk exposure and therefore limit your risk of falling victim to cyber-attacks.
Prioritize Your Remediation Across a Growing Attack Surface