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The healthcare industry has seen an onslaught of cyber-attacks over the last year, primarily driven by the fact that healthcare data records are highly priced among cyber criminals. Protected health information sells for 30 times as much as credit card information, as it contains a full identity profile which even entails social security numbers. Increased digitalization of data and exchange of healthcare information between services providers has dramatically broadened the attack surface and put healthcare providers in an even more defensive position. The Internet of Things, which is targeting the healthcare market as one of its prime beneficiaries, will only complicate things further. At the same time, healthcare organizations face strict standards and regulations (e.g., HIPAA, HITECH, HIMSS) requiring special care when it comes to privacy and security. RiskSense’s innovative cyber risk management solution has offered a helping hand to many healthcare organizations that are struggling with resource limitations and a growing attack surface.

Prioritize Your Remediation Across a Growing Attack Surface

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