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Government agencies hold a vast amount of sensitive information, ranging from personnel records, budgetary data, inter-community communications to intelligence findings related to terrorists and hostile nations. In turn, governments all over the world are continually under threat of complex, sophisticated attacks launched by rival nation-states, terrorist groups, hacktivists, and cyber criminals. In addition, they are facing insider threats as showcased by Edward Snowden. A compromise of this type of data could jeopardize the national security and undermine public safety. Thus, government agencies, be it on the Federal, State, or Local level, have cyber security on top of mind. To provide guidance, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has developed a security risk management framework (NIST Special Publication 800-137 and Special Publication 800‐37) that promotes the concept of continuous diagnostics and mitigation. Continuous diagnostics are critical to assessing an organization’s information security posture.

However, many cyber security professionals in the government community are still grappling with how to implement a continuous diagnostics program that improves their information security posture and ensures compliance with NIST and other relevant guidance (i.e., FISMA, FedRAMP). The RiskSense Platform can help government agencies to achieve continuous diagnostic and mitigation capabilities by unifying and contextualizing vast volumes of internal security intelligence with external threat data. It then correlates the findings with your mission criticality to determine a risk-based view into imminent cyber risk and allows you to manage your Authorization to Operate process under FISMA.

Prioritize Your Remediation Across a Growing Attack Surface

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