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Nida Stewart - Apr 9, 2018

RiskSense's Red Team 2017 Accomplishments - In Retrospect

RiskSense's Red Team 2017 Accomplishments - In Retrospect

A vulnerability without a public exploit is not a vulnerability that can't be exploited; it's a vulnerability that attackers know more about than you do. To combat this, RiskSense dedicates resources to developing tools and exploits that keep our Red Team up-to-date with even the most sophisticated attackers. By developing advanced techniques and tools, we ensure that when the attackers come, your network will be prepared.

2017 provided a vast number of opportunities for RiskSense’s Red Team to conduct research, present at conferences, and contribute to the cyber security community. The infographic below highlights RiskSense’s Red Team 2017 accomplishments.

See the full-sized version of the infographic here (PDF).

RiskSense Red Team 2017 Retrospective Infographic

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