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Nida Stewart - Jan 12, 2018

From Vulnerability to Exploit: Understanding Weaponization

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Security researchers have just discovered two attacks that affect most CPUs manufactured in the last twenty years. These attacks use techniques only discovered in the past year to traverse one of the basic security boundaries protecting computer processes: virtual memory. This post contains information to let you assess the impact on your organization and ensure you are protected.
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Many organizations use the National Vulnerability Database (NVD) to determine what actions to take regarding their cyber security. While this information is useful, the method that it is presented in tells organizations very little. What vulnerabilities are most important for organizations to patch? The RiskSense Platform takes information from the NVD and assists organizations in determining what vulnerabilities will impact them the most.
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Pamela Chang - Dec 28, 2017
RiskSense specializes in presenting cyber risk for its clients through insightful visualization and analysis techniques. In this blog post, we present our unique multi-fold approach that combines user interface with engineering to address the complexity of visualizing cyber risk across multiple organizational business groups using a distributed bubble chart. The bubble chart visualization helps our end users to quickly identify the high-risk groups within their organizations, while retaining the holistic picture of their cyber risk posture.
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Although your website may be secure, untrusted third-party widgets or applications installed on your website could expose visitors to suspicious programs. This article shows how installing a simple weather widget on your website could transform your site into a cryptocurrency miner.
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